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Numerous programming examples and exercises are provided, including a fully-developed case study.Participants will receive a comprehensive set of materials, including detailed course notes and soft copy of all the programming examples and lab exercises. Memory Stream(); // You would populate the Stream with the XML File here and set the position to 0 st. XPath Document(st); // Now do the same with the Xslt document System. In the example below, an // Create the Xsl Transform. Xml Text Reader(XSLTStream); // The Xml Reader may be passed into the Load Method of Xsl Transformm constructor; it is still necessary to populate the data. XPath Document("numbers.xml"); // Create the Xml Text Writer to output to the console.

XPath Document("numbers.xml"); // Create the Navigator System.

Transform(doc, null, str); // Remember to Flush the Stream and set the position to 0 str.

Xsl Transform(); // Load the stylesheet that creates XML Output. Load("numbers XML.xsl"); // Load the XML data file into an XPath Document.

This advanced, four-day, hands-on workshop enables participants to effectively use .

NET Framework XML classes and the C# programming language with . Parsing using Xml Reader and the Document Object Model (DOM), writing XML streams using Xml Writer, and transformations using XPath and XSLT are emphasized.

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