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"I'm not talking about the baby blues, but about a crippling mental illness.Clinical depression robs you of your normal feelings and love for anything. Even with the very best or worst news, there is no high or low - just a horrible greyness.

Away from the screen, her life has been hellish and her marriage to Auf Wiedersehen Pet star Tim Healy has suffered. Her depression was triggered by post-natal illness."It was a long, arduous labour - but it was worth it when this beautiful, healthy baby came out.I had this perfect baby boy, money in the bank, a husband I loved very much and an incredibly supportive family."Then, a couple of days later, I went out with my mum and told her that I felt as if I was in a dream sequence and that everything around me wasn't really happening. I heard the news on the radio in a shop, but by the time we had walked the half-mile back home I didn't believe it had happened. "It was like a horrible black blanket had enveloped me.My mother, who is a psychiatric nurse, recognised it as depression and took time off to stay and look after me.

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The incident happened at about 11.20am on October 11th, at a bus stop in Hardwick Drive, Arkwright.

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