Two brothers dating two sisters

” or “He’s really funny, but can I live with the fact that he just doesn't know how to dress?

” Yet, you’ve probably never said, “I wonder if he has any sisters.”A guy’s family ties may not be your initial thought, but they can tell you a lot about whether or not someone will be good for you.

It’s obvious that men are naturally territorial, especially when it comes to family.

A guy who has sisters has plenty of experience with being ready for any “bad boy” who may cross his path.

Yet, being with someone’s little brother showed me the significance.

Here are seven reasons that will prove it: They say chivalry is dead, but guys who have sisters realize that women should be treated well.

He’s aware that you really love those shoes, even though your hints are subtle.He knows that you gossip with your friends about guys, girls and everything in between. Whether or not a guy has a sister may not be on your radar when you’re eyeing him.However, his family tree might reveal a lot about how he’ll treat you in the long run. Ask a guy who has a sister if he’s ever seen her laugh or cry.He’s most likely dealt with PMS, been the brunt of countless jokes and tried to help his sibling out when she was stressed or worried.

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