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Now that users can log in to the websocket and connect to the lobby, they will need to be able to view other online users and invite them.Accomplishing this can be pretty challenging since Elixir is a functional language and cannot hold state.I followed this post to set up users with basic authentication.To handle authentication through websockets, I’ll be using Phoenix. We need to give the user a token they can use to prove that they are who they say they are.After the compilation ends, we can refresh our browser, click on any of the contact cards and see how the list disappears to show only our selected contact: I's working like a charm.

We want to send an invite only to the user that should be receiving the invite, not broadcast it to every person in the lobby.

You can log into multiple accounts using an incognito tab. Our game lobby will implement an invite/accept flow to start up a game from the lobby.

The new tab will provide a different set of cookies so you can log into two users at once. We’ll need to set up the back-end to listen for an event when an invite gets sent and dispatch it to the correct person.

The first of these changes is in the Main module, where instead o using -- web/elm/module Main exposing (..) import Messages exposing (Msg(..)) import Model exposing (..) import Navigation import Routing exposing (parse) import Update exposing (..) import View exposing (view) init : Navigation.

Location - is very simple, so let's create a nicer one and make it look like the other warning messages we already have in the contact list search.

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