Hearing aids and dating big fat dating

The better you hear, the better you’ll be able to discuss the plot and acting with your date after it ends.

FM system Want to take in an educational lecture or tour the latest exhibit at the local art museum together? These wireless, portable devices can be worn around your neck on a loop, as headphones or earphones.

Hearing Aid Compatible Phones Even though getting to know a potential suitor by talking on the telephone is one of the best, safest ways to start a relationship, it isn’t the same as it used to be when we were younger.

Remember the old wall-mounted telephones with the long extension cord – the ones that allowed you to take your ultra-private conversation, complete with giggling, into the other room (If you don't remember these, kudos to your youth! Today’s telephone technology has changed dramatically, especially if you wear hearing instruments.

If you’re not sure what type of hearing aids you have, ask your hearing healthcare professional.

Who wants to listen to the conversation at the next table when there’s a potentially interesting discussion developing with the person at yours?

Portable amplifiers attach directly to the headset and have a built in volume control.

Prices on these devices range from to online.

These systems provide a magnetic, wireless signal that is picked up by your hearing aid when it’s operating in telecoil mode.

The system consists of a microphone that picks up speech, an amplifier which processes the signal, and a wire cable that circumvents the perimeter of the venue to act as an antenna.

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Some ALDs are portable and battery-powered, which makes them easy to use while watching television, traveling in the car, eating in a restaurant or interacting in small groups.

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