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and I was determined to transform myself at any cost!“The Problem Was I Didn’t Even Know Where To Start! Now don’t misunderstand – I realize it was those very same traits that stood in the way of success with women that eventually led me to develop my now-famous Sexual Decoder System…

Below: The southwest and northwest corners of Broadway and West 72nd Street, The Corner, developed and built by Gotham, circa 2010 (left), and Theater & Mercantile Building (right), circa 1938, built by Gotham Construction.Whether delivering one of the first – and largest – affordable housing developments under the 50-30-20 program, choosing the non-traditional path to fill retail space by focusing on resident lifestyles and neighborhood needs – and launching a trendsetting international wave of food halls in the process, or spearheading a residential development wave in a formerly commercial area like Downtown Brooklyn, Gotham approaches each new project with a creative mindset, grounded in the experience to filter the ideal into the actual, mitigating risk and driving a consistent return on investment.Ex: The Brazillian born actress was married to Austin Chick, an American producer and director - the news of her pregnancy has come out in divorce documents where she has stated she wants full custody of their one-year-old son, because she will soon be unable to fly due to pregnancy - the pair split earlier this year He told Elle: 'I'm really shy about that stuff. There's that saying, "Less said about the bedroom, the better."' He likes to be a gentleman when it comes to dating - he revealed one of the best things about getting a regular acting gig was being able to take a woman out: 'Honestly, it was great to be able to take a girl out to a nice meal.Gotham’s culture of excellence spans five generations of building and ownership.The firm continues to capitalize on this rich legacy as it develops innovative new projects and curates a portfolio of high-end properties with timeless appeal.

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From day one, Gotham has taken an industry-leading approach to transforming the buildings and neighborhoods where people live, work, shop, dine and unwind.

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