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Most melanomas are caught very early, in stage one or stage two.That is melanoma that has not spread, that’s just sitting in the skin.Also, at the 2010 meeting we heard about data on a drug called [inaud.], which actually I presented here, also that drug was approved by the FDA the following year.Since that time we’ve had several other targeted agents approved; [inaud.] and a [inaud.] inhibiter called [inaud.].Those melanomas are generally removed surgically and have a very high chance of being cured.So stage one and stage two melanoma are also always treated with surgery.So, and at this year’s ASCO we received additional data on new drugs called anti PD1 antibodies and these data are extremely exciting and showing that these drugs also have remarkable effects on melanoma and we all expect one or two of these drugs to be FDA approved this year.So in the immunotherapy field there are new drugs beyond these groups that are coming down the pipeline that we expect to play a big role.

I no longer expect patients to progress on melanoma, although sadly it still does happen.And so it is important for patients not only to talk to their doctors but they’re egger to get information on the internet.is one of the sites where, where we have melanoma experts annotating this on a regular basis, keeping up with it, and trying to write this in a way that would be helpful for patients. Raymund Cuevo, and the staff at Medical Oncology & Hematology Associates of Northern Virginia Carolyn B.Generally they don’t require any additional treatment, although there can be a little bit of differences.Stage three is when it has spread to the lymph nodes. And then there is some controversy in the field as to whether any additional treatment beyond surgery is necessary.

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