Dating after divorce in your 20s

However, more people were in their second or third marriage by their late 20s in 1960 and in 1980 than in 2013.

Those contradictory points illustrate the generational complexities of social norms within relationships during those decades. researchers found that the likelihood that a marriage would last for 10 or more years declined by six percent if the couple had lived together beforehand, according to Maclean’s.

One of the major components that marriage teaches you is how to be independent while being with someone, and when you are divorced at that young age, that level of independence is heightened.

Speaking of social norms, cohabitation is continuing to gain steam as a trend in relationships that is impacting the number of marriages and divorces experienced by people in their 20s. These statistics speak to the unpredictability of relationships.

As much as we would like to study the numbers and monitor the newest trends within dating, marriage, and divorce in our 20s, the studies are not fool-proof.

However, while many couples experience that freedom and travel, date and explore various aspects of the world before settling down, that isn’t the case for every couple.

Some couples find themselves marrying their high school or college sweethearts and settle down in their teens and 20s.

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