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This past weekend, Absolute Intense Wrestling (AIW) put on a show in which they had Samoa Joe wrestling on the card.AIW co-owner John Thorne took it upon himself to hop on Twitter and say that he would cancel a participant in a particular match if CM Punk was willing to show up and wrestle. Thorne joked around that the crowd support would be plenty to afford a guy like Punk if he really wanted to wrestle again.Punk has also ventured into graphic novels, and has co-written numerous works for Marvel Comics.Punk earned all his success with several stops in many different promotions throughout the years before making it to the WWE.Punk’s gimmick was basically imitating his real life mentality; he’s an outspoken, sharp-tongued, anti-establishment, straight edge iconoclast, and fans were drawn to it.Before Punk’s departure from WWE, he was one of the top main event draws, but his career would be cut short because of his dismay with the WWE’s direction and his character.

Sure, some will state “never say never,” but CM Punk does appear to have made up his mind.

One of most unique wrestlers in the wrestling industry, CM Punk created a cult following fan base.

He was different from the other wrestlers and didn’t have the stereotypical look of a WWE champion.

CM Punk is expected to debut for UFC later this year, and he’s been training constantly for his first fight.

He ended up leaving WWE on bad terms as he stated the company wanted him to appear and perform while injured, but that was just one of many issues.

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