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Such easy forgiveness may be given after an insincere The Grovel.

The kinds of people most likely to easily forgive are the All-Loving Hero, the Friend to All Living Things, and those who prefer to Turn the Other Cheek, although more cynical characters may take a Restrained Revenge. Karma Houdini occurs when the offending character is forgiven without as much as "a sorry" or any sort of punishment.

Prosecutor Joe Deters said: “He purposely killed him.

He should have never been a police officer.” Dubose was black and Tensing was white, the latest in a series of racially aggravated police shootings.

May 18 – Maria Mbombo, 46, stabbed to death in Hampstead, north London.

Her boyfriend Jose Leonardo, 56, aka Jeff Mbombo, has been charged with murder and awaits trial.

Forgiving someone for their crime without their having earned it may inspire them to become The Atoner so that they can earn forgiveness.

Conversely, forgiving too easily can be a character flaw that bites them in the ass.

One of the men, Muhab Sultan, 23, later drowned in the Rideau river in Ottawa while being pursued by police on an unrelated matter.

They betrayed you, they tried to kill you, really did kill you, and even kicked your dog.

Despite all this, you find it in your heart to forgive them.

The character who committed the deed/s may be sufficiently apologetic to warrant forgiveness, or the latter character learning An Aesop may be considered punishment enough, or maybe The Punishment Is the Crime.

Sometimes, showing a bit of trust to a former villain who doesn't seem to deserve it can lead to them becoming a reliable ally.

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